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The "Authority" for targeted traffic and domains on the Internet.
"The value of a hit is directly proportionate to the product or service you are selling"

What is the value of a hit if that hit produces a $20 million sale?

I bought my first domain in 1995 and it took until 1999 for my critics to stop laughing. Getting a good .com address was a unique opportunity in time.
I recognized that unique opportunity, acted on it and became passionate about putting a collection of domains together that remains unrivaled.

It has nothing to do with the size of our collection. It has to do with the quality of the .com addresses we have acquired and are building on.
Location, Location, Location was never more important than on the Net. That window of opportunity has all but closed as we enter the year 2000.
Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man. Ever!! I can and will prove it!

While others have focused on "Market Share" and "Branding" by building a site or two, we focused on acquiring the most extensive
collection of domains in a wide variety of industries. Our goal is not to have a small "Market share" or "Brand" in one market.
Our goal is to have a small "Market Share" in every PROFITABLE market. A good and targeted domain is the easy way to "Market share".'s an absolute no brainer when it comes to "Branding".
As we enter 2000 get prepared for many .com casualties. Companies built around a half assed idea that never made a sale.
"Market share" without "Profit" is like a spoiled child spending the inheritance.
Remember it takes no talent at all to sell $100 bills for $85!! NONE!

There is a simple explanation for the lack of success on the Net. The businessman has to rely on a technical staff to make business and sales decisions.
The technician is a technician and with all due respect, they are in general not capable of making decisions as it relates to making a profitable sale.
They are GREAT webmasters but they for the most part are not businessman looking at it thru the eyes of a marketer or consumer.
The businessman MUST learn about the Net and take the lead if they are serious about shifting from bricks to clicks.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you explore my ideas and visions. I read all the email so let me thank you in advance for your comments.
And also let me apologize for not having enough time to answer most of them. I hope you discover something here that changes your life.

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We are becoming the Net's largest developer. The cranes are out, the bulldozers are rolling, the trucks are lined up!
New sites are opening every week!! The largest infrastructure on the Internet is being created right here.
Watch for our sites as they pop up all over the Net!! We expect to have them ALL built by 2010.

This month's Top 50 domains in development:
domains as of March 24, 2000, more than 95% active and 50 separate sites.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Recent Purchases,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As of April, 2000........We have spent in excess of $2.5 million obtaining this collection from individuals and companies.
Quite a bit a few years ago considering the laughs and the risk.......Now, nothing short of bargain of the century!
Today....we could not afford to duplicate this collection. The unique opportunity in time has all but passed.
A new phase of unbelieveable valuations has begun.

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We are approached endlessly about selling one domain or another.
Let me save you a little time. Each of our sites will produce a 6 or 7 figure annual return with no labor or upkeep.
Therefore we are not motivated to sell our properties.
We would consider joint ventures with qualified Web savvy folks with a proven track record.

Did you know that many domains have outperformed EVERY single stock in the entire stock markets?
It's a fact. No stock on the entire stock exchange, anywhere in the world, has increased in value more or faster!

While others have bought and sold domains in the short term, we have focused on long-term buying of their PRIME property.
I really do plan to be the biggest developer on the internet. The first phase is complete after 4 years.
This next phase will take up to 10 years as I match content with the audience to make a spark.

Domains are increasing in value faster faster than ANY other commodity EVER known to man.

If you don't believe it.....then don't believe a single word on this page. But get out a piece of paper or a calculator and put in the following:
A domain was bought for $100 in 1995 and sells for $7,500,000.00 in 2000....what is the percentage markup in just 4 years?

Okay.....I'll save you some's a $75,000 return for every $1 invested!!!
Others have sold for even higher margins and still others remain unsold as they have values that exceed $100 million!!
Go ahead.....prove me wrong. What other commodity or stock EVER went from $1 to $75,000 in just 4 years?
Microsoft? Dell? Amazon? eBay? Oil? Gold? Diamonds? Land?

Name anything that has EVER done so fast. You can't!! It never happened before. NEVER!!!

Let me repeat.....Domains are increasing in value faster than ANY other commodity EVER known to man.


Wow!! Don't miss calls when you are online ever again!!! No more busy signals and it's FREE!!!
Hear Who's Calling While You're On-Line!

Sure, some of our sites are primitive and lame. I am the first to admit it. But unlike most, they produce profits!
As time goes on and more products are available the sites will improve and the content will be added.

But just like a 5 year old can't blame them for not being 20!
You must be patient as the child or in this case until the net matures.

The word "
Profit" has emerged as the Net's dirtiest word. While Wall St. may not have cared in 1999
you may see a major shift in thinking by mid 2000. Profits DO count! A business plan with no profits is no business plan.
Online Christmas 1999 was bigger than ever before......but overall, they blew it big time!!
The money is now moving away from "Gambling" on .com stocks and moving to the safer infrastructure companies.
Most online retailers are far from being well-oiled machines. In fact...MOST sites
are not capable of completing the sale even when the customer has credit card in hand. That is a crime!!!
See.....I rate sites for "Profitability" and closing the sale.....NOTHING else counts! Nothing!
Nothing happens on this planet until a sale is made. It is the sale that triggers all other events.

Most online enterprises are learning things NOW that we found out in 1996 and 1997.
For example......ALL those .com companies advertising on TV.......lost BIG money. All were losers!
That type advertising does not convert and they overpay by unimaginable margins!! It's the first sign of a rookie.
Until they have an online ad machine and begin harvesting "Targeted hits", will they understand how wasteful they are.

My #1 tip.......start simple and build up. Throwing money at something and seeing what develops is NOT the answer.
Remember.....creating work is easy, any moron can do that.........creating revenue streams is much more difficult.

It's don't have to agree with a word I say here. Many laugh at me, I don't mind. I'm used to it.
Just ask yourself, How did a guy like me end up with some of the most valuable and profitable domains on the Internet?
This happening while the gurus of the universe brag about their losses? Helllllo?? Anyone home out there?

While they focused on "Market share", I went out and bought Times Square which produced "Market share"!!
How did I buy these domains by just taking $2000 out of my pocket and parlaying
ONLY Net profits to do the rest?
How do our sites get over 3.5 million unique monthly visitors month after month and just to our index page?
That's enough to fill Yankee Stadium TWICE a Day. Not even the Yankees can do that!!
Why does my traffic convert into sales at rates that can be 10x that of normal sites?
(Making my 3.5 million hits have the power and potency of 35 million hits?)
Yup.....just chalk it up to "Dumb luck".....Right?? Ok, fine. You are entitled to believe that.'s either that or I saw something a few years ago that 6 billion other folks missed.
Maybe it's a bit of both!! I am sure it is. But I started it from a 10' x 10' bedroom and never looked back.
The American Dream is alive and well and as I have learned, there are only 2 kinds of people......

"Doers" (The people that just do it. Win, lose or draw, they do it. And when they fail, they just try harder and do it again)
Naysayers" (The masses on the sideline who pray you fail cuz they are scared to try and scared to fail).
The "Naysayers" never had an original idea, thought or dream in their lives.
Without dreams.....we will still be living in caves. Some folks "Mentally" live in caves.

Remember.....a "Dream" or "Idea" is the seed of "Reality"

So simple. Choose a side!! But please don't waste my time if you choose the wrong one.

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Remember, a website without traffic is like, a tree falling in an empty forest. It makes no noise.
Then again some say it is like a dehydrated meal with no water to add. Either way.......
A website with no traffic is really nothing. It is useless until you add traffic which is the hottest commodity on the planet today!
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Two other things that continually come up. One is the .cc, .net

Keep it simple......This is a dotcom world so don't try to kid yourself looking for the second coming. Put your energy searching for the .com.

Did you know that more money is being spent on .com advertising than any other product in the history of mankind? It's true!!!
If you add all the monies spent on all dotcom ads in 1999 not any other item or event in history has had so much money thrown at it so fast.
And here we are just a few months into 2000 and collectively companies have already spent nearly as much as all of 1999!!

How do I know this stuff? These are facts that have simply not been discovered or even looked at yet.
It will be another year or longer before the mainstream media even focuses on subjects like this. But you heard it here first.

It's just a fact waiting to be discovered. When you act on facts before the masses, that creates opportunity.

My sincere advise is to stop WASTING your money on .cc and .net and buy a good .com with that money.
Stop spitting in the wind and learn to work with the wind at your back!


Next is the misuse of the word "Cybersquatter" mostly by very jealous corporate world execs and lawyers.
These folks were asleep at the wheel as the single greatest change in the world economy happened right under their greedy little noses!!
Therefore they would label anyone that had a domain they wanted as a "Cybersquatter" to further their own agenda.
That agenda includes intimidating small businesses and individuals into surrendering domains that they want under threat of legal action.
Legal action based on fear since it costs upwards of $100,000 to defend a suit like this in court.
Corporate America is hijacking the American dream from people as I write this!! It is called "Reverse Domain Name Hijacking"

This is nothing more than corporate bullying at it's worst!!

Please read our current court battle with giant Lilly Industries as they try to take from us.We fight this for every mom and pop!!

Click here to find out about and what it means to be a "Corporate Bully"

And Finally........

What is the value of a hit if that hit produces a $20 million sale?

It ain't rocket science but corporate America has still not figured it out. They would rather be stuck in the box than to figure out how to get that hit.
Forgive me if I don't have time to waste with corporate Jackasses! I'll just sit back and wait for them to figure it out for themselves.

And lastly......who are the REAL whores??

Well what would you call a .com company that goes public with a flawed business plan that know
they will only suck the investors money right out of their wallets with little chance of succeeding?

In the old days people would go public because they had a profitable business and needed to grow faster.
That is no longer true!! It is little more than a scam to raise money akin to mlm and pyramid schemes of the 80's.

The REAL whores are the bankers and Venture Capitalists that knowingly back companies destined for failure!
Their flawed and short sighted thinking will cause many to lose their savings. Mark my words!
The way I see it.....we are all whores to the allmighty dollar. Some admit it....some hide it. But we are all whores.

And for those separating themselves from adult sites and the adult market and losing their shirts......I'll leave you with this 1 thought.
Not all people that buy toothpaste look at porno. However all folks that look at porno, buy toothpaste.
Until corporate America figures out how to tap into this red hot group of surfers.....they will flounder.
While they are floundering these adult sites have captive audience of millions and now are begining to sell product to that audience.
I say either turn them into customers or watch them blossom into serious competition and then business will really suck..

Imagine if Mercedes Benz said you can't buy a car from us because you came to the showroom from a titty bar!!??
Or Sears won't sell you goods because you read Hustler and actually look at the pictures.
Ridiculous huh? Well that is EXACTLY what is going on right now on the net. Some may call that moronic!
Some may conclude that turning your back on everyone that has ever had sex may have dire consequences. Think about that....morons!
These folks are losing their asses in their .com ventures and they have decleared they won't do business with folks that look at porno!
What would you call that? I would call that turning your backs to the very hottest group of BUYERS that are surfing on the net!
Of course if you go to ebay you can buy dildos. So why is it okay to there? Geez....they just happen to make a profit. Hmmmm....
Probably no relation. Then again Yahoo has sex and dildo's too.....just happens that they make a profit too. Hmmmm...
Probably coincidence. Then of course you can go to America Online and they too have adult things. Geez....they make a profit too. Hmmmm..
Then you can go over 98% of the rest of the mainstream net and they are so so politically correct. But they are losing their ass!!
Do you think they will ever put 1 and 1 together and stop trying to make it add up to IPO?? Or will they remain morons?
Sure I am as opinionated as hell. So what?? I tell it like it is and if that is a bad thing, click on your back button and get off of my site! :-))
Nah....not don't have to agree with me. But you SHOULD look at it the way I see it even if it is only for a minute.

Wow!! Did you make it all the way down here? Whether you agree or disagree, thanks for reading!
In 1995, when this all started for me, I really had no idea of which direction the net would go. Who did?
Those that were laughing at my silly idea were little help. Thankfully my mom and dad saw it and the phone would ring with ideas.
Thus I got domains with a "Shotgun" approach touching as many industries and groups of people as possible.
When the businessworld realizes they let slide by the largest windfall since the Gold Rush, they will be kicking themselves for years.
It's worth repeating this because it is so true and I have watched some of my domains rise in value from $100 to a few million and more.

"Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity EVER known to man."

It's a pretty bold statement today and considered on the edge of insanity in 1995.
That is when I started paying millions of dollars to obtain these domains. Money ALL generated via the web and not out of pocket!!
I would tell you what I thought the value of my entire empire of domains is today except for the fact that you would start laughing.
It would be like going back to 1995 and being labled insane all over again. :-))))))
Forgive me while I enjoy the fruit of my labor. I'll leave it to others to put a value on my holdings.

Whatever you think, it took hard work, passion and total faith to personally register each of my domains.
I now enjoy things I never dreamed possible. The value of a great domain is a fact that just has not been recognized yet.

I'll leave you with this..........

What is the value of a 4 letter domain that I paid $100 for and just like an oil well with NO upkeep or changes,
It produces $1,200 a day in PROFITS? 2x earnings? 3x earnings? 5x earnings? 10x, 20x, more?
Individually my sites make a modest profit. Collectively, they earned more profit with less work than perhaps anyone on the entire net.
While they employ thousands and lose millions......I employ smart thinking and make millions. Someone has the formula screwed up. ;-)))
Listen folks, I am not that smart. But I am blessed with keen "Common sense" and it has served me well to this day.

The TeknoSurf AdWave

And now.......HERE is the REAL SECRET!!

"The Blueprint is already in place" What is going to happen in the "Virtual" world, has already happened in the "Real" world.
Things just manifest themselves in different forms. For example, the gathering of this collection was similar to the "Gold Rush".
A .com address is a valuable piece of property and will have the same characteristics as real world real estate but just in a different form.
The .com address is MUCH more than 3 dimensions and you can build it a thousand times higher than the Empire State Building.
There are so many things on the net that remain undiscovered and untapped that there is no such thing as "Too late".
While there may already have been the gold rush for .com addresses, there are new gold rushes on the net every day of the week.

I believe for everything that has happened in the "Real" world, there will be a "Virtual" world counterpart.
I believe that is true across the board in every industry. We are in for exciting times!

"The Blueprint is already in place"

There are 2 ingredients needed to make a sale on the net. When you put these 2 ingredients makes a spark.
First you need a hit and then you need a sponsor that will pay you for that hit. If it is completely untargeted traffic, it is worth a penny.
However, as you hone in on the target......the value goes up. So what is a hit worth if you sell a $20 million aircraft?

I am ass backwards.....FIRST I get the traffic and THEN match it to the audience.
Others build sites and then look for the traffic not realizing it is the traffic that is the key.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you walk away with something that changes your life. I really do!!


Watch for our new "Flash" coming April, 2000!
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And coming soon......From the makers of the unprofitable web.......the myth about "Stickyness"
This one is just TOO funny. No wonder most of the net loses money! "Stickyness" for most is the WRONG answer!!

I sure don't have all the answers....but I got a few of them and that's enough to make a difference.
Part of it is recognizing the nets place in history. I saw early what in effect is the biggest change in human behavior perhaps ever.
When I think of things in history that revolutionized the world, the internet makes the top is my short list:

Fire, Wheel, Electricity, Locomotive, Telephone, Automobile, Flight, Radio &Television, Computer, Internet.

Yup.....I am opinionated as hell. Determination and deep seeded beliefs are major components of success!


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