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"Domains have and will continue to go up in value
faster than any other commodity EVER known to man."

In 1995, when this all started for me, I really had no idea of which direction the Net would go. Who did? Those that were laughing at my silly idea were little help. Thankfully, my parents saw it and the phone would ring with ideas. I secured domains with a "shotgun" approach, touching as many industries and groups of people as possible.

How do our sites get over 3.5 million unique monthly visitors month after month and visitors go just to our index page? How do we do that without spending a penny on ANY form of advertising? That's enough to fill Yankee Stadium more than TWICE a Day! Why does my traffic convert into sales at rates that can be 10x that of the average Web site?

Yup... just chalk it up to dumb luck?? Okay, fine. You are entitled to believe that. Well, it's either that or I saw something a few years ago that 6 billion other folks missed. Maybe it's a bit of both!! I am sure it is. But I started it from a 10' x 10' bedroom and never looked back.

The American Dream is alive and well and as I have learned, there are only 2 kinds of people......


The people that just do it. Win, lose or draw, they do it. And when they fail, they just try harder and do it again.

The masses on the sideline who pray you fail because they’re scared to try and scared to fail. The Naysayers never have an original idea, thought or dream. Without dreams we would still be living in caves. Some folks mentally live in caves.


Understand... today’s dream or idea is the seed of tomorrow’s reality!

I have watched some of my domains rise in value from $100 to a few million and more and that is before we have even finished developing them!!

A Man with a Vision...

"Domains have and will continue to go up in value
faster than any other commodity EVER known to man."

It's a pretty bold statement today and considered on the edge of insanity in 1995. That is when I started paying millions of dollars to obtain these domains. That money was ALL generated via the Web and not out of pocket!!

I would share what I estimate to be the value of my entire empire of domains today except for the fact that you'd be laughing. That’s like going back to 1995 and being labeled insane all over again! Forgive me while I enjoy the fruit of my labor. I'll leave it to others to put a value on my holdings.

Whatever your thoughts, it took hard work, passion, and total faith to personally register each of my domains. I now enjoy things I never dreamed possible. The value of a great domain is a fact that just has not been recognized yet.

I'll leave you with this...

What is the value of a 4 letter domain that I paid $100 for and with NO upkeep or changes, produces $1,200 a day in PROFITS? 2x earnings? 3x earnings? 5x earnings? 10x, 20x, more?

Individually, my sites make a modest profit. Collectively, they earned more profit with less work than perhaps anyone on the entire net.

While others employ thousands and lose millions... I employ smart thinking and make millions. Someone has the formula screwed up. ;-)))

Listen folks, I am not that smart. But I am blessed with keen common sense and it has served me well to this day!!

And now... HERE is the REAL SECRET!!

The blueprint is already in place. What is going to happen in the virtual world, has already happened in the real world. Things just manifest themselves in different forms. For example, the gathering of this collection was similar to the gold rush.

A dotcom address is a valuable piece of electronic property. It has the same characteristics as real world real estate but it’s in a different form. The dotcom address is more than 3 dimensions. You can build it a thousand times higher than the Empire State Building. In real world terms, a great domain is like a prime building lot in a major city that is used as for parking cars until a skyscraper is built in its' place with it's own attractions. There are so many things on the net that remain undiscovered and untapped, that there is no such thing as too late. While the gold rush for dotcom addresses may have already happened, there are new gold rushes on the net every day of the week. Only a fool thinks it is over!!

I believe for everything that has happened in the real world, there will be a virtual world counterpart. This is true across the board in every industry. Additionally, there will be thousands of new voids to fill and creative imaginations filling these voids will produce new opportunities. We are in for exciting times! Which leads me to the question of "Content".

The "Content" debate is a false debate. It always has been but don't tell that to a "Builder" Content is a funny thing. It is a temporary thing many times. Content is like a house on a lot. The lot (or domain) is permanent. The house on the otherhand (content) may be torn down many times in 100 years. Where I live, houses are constantly being ripped down and new ones put up BECAUSE the lots are so valuable. Houses that were built just 10-15 years ago are ROUTINELY ripped down and newer more lavish homes replace them. That does not happen where land is cheap or a domain has no value. So "Content" is a temporary state of affairs where the domain is permanent fixture. Owning the content means you own the content. Owning the lot or the domain gives you the POWER to have any content your heart desires at any TIME you choose. And the beauty of owning the domain or the can put content on the site on YOUR terms and in YOUR time or you can just leave it there with a parking lot and make more becuase it requires NO TIME.

Uuntil the critics come forth with more money than can be made in 40 years off of a parked domain.....this whole subject is hollow. Everyone can always do better than you if they only had this or that. It's just not true or they would be running after you and trying to stuff money in your pocket for the CHANCE to do what they say. Like a domain buyer does when he finds a really good domain laying around that can pump oil but the owner is not pumping. We TACKLE these guys with offer after offer until they say yes BECAUSE we KNOW we can monetize it instead of just saying so. We talk with money because at the end of the day the ONLY thing that TALKS is MONEY! Folks don't have to accept my premise. But I have believed this since 1995 and I see the market continually coming to my view of things as opposed to the view of those that have fallen before us. They were much smarter and more organized and had much more money to burn and many had great content. But they failed. And after they failed the ONLY thing left was their domain name. The ONLY thing left after the house fire is the lot. And on the lot you can rebuild.

What is the value of a hit if that hit produces a $20 million sale?

Two ingredients are needed to make a sale on the net. When you put these two ingredients together.... it makes a spark. First, you need a hit and then you need a sponsor that will pay you for that hit. If it is completely untargeted traffic, it is worth a penny. However, as you hone in on the target, the value goes up. So what is a hit worth if you sell a $20 million aircraft?

It ain't rocket science but corporate America has still not figured it out. They would rather be stuck in the box than figure out how to get that hit. Forgive me if I don't have time to waste with corporate jackasses! I'll just sit back and wait for them to figure it out for themselves.

I am ass backwards... FIRST I get the traffic and THEN match it to the audience. Others build sites and then look for the traffic, not realizing it is the traffic that is the key.

From the makers of the unprofitable Web...
the myth about "Stickiness"

No wonder most of the Net loses money! "Stickiness", the Webmaster's efforts to prevent a visitor from exiting their site, for most is the WRONG answer!! We don't claim to have have all the answers... but we have a few of them -- enough to make a difference. Part of it is recognizing the Net’s place in history. We saw early on what is in effect the biggest change in human behavior, perhaps ever.

When we think of things in history that revolutionized the world, the Internet makes the top 10... here is a short list: fire, the wheel, electricity, the locomotive, telephones, automobiles, flight, radio & television, computers, and the Internet.

Yup... I am opinionated as hell. Determination and deep-seated beliefs are major components of success! The reason for this hard hitting site is to open eyes of some and have others learn from other people’s mistakes.

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you walk away with something that changes your life. I really do!!