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The word "Profit" has emerged as the Net's dirtiest word.

So... who are the REAL whores??

In the old days people would go public because they had a profitable business and needed to grow faster. That is no longer true! Do you think they will ever put 1 and 1 together and stop trying to make it add up to IPO? What would you call a dotcom company that goes public with a flawed business plan, knowing they will suck investors’ money right out of their wallets with little chance of succeeding? It is little more than a scam to raise money akin to MLM and pyramid schemes of the 80's.

The REAL whores are the bankers and Venture Capitalists that knowingly back companies destined for failure! Their flawed and short sighted thinking will cause many to lose their savings.

We are all whores to the allmighty dollar. Some admit it... some hide it. But we are all whores. For those separating themselves from the adult market and losing their shirts, consider this:

Not all people that buy toothpaste look at porno. However all folks that look at porno, buy toothpaste.

Until corporate America figures out how to tap into this red hot group of surfers... they will flounder. While they are floundering, these adult sites hold captive audiences of millions. They are now beginning to sell products to that audience. Our view: Either turn them into customers or watch them blossom into serious competition.

Imagine if Mercedes Benz said you can't buy a car from us because you came to the showroom from a titty bar? Or Sears won't sell you goods because you read Hustler and actually look at the pictures. Ridiculous? Well that is EXACTLY what is going on right now on the Net. Some may conclude that turning your back on everyone that has ever had sex may have dire consequences.

Many are losing their asses in their dotcom ventures. They have declared they won't do business with folks who like sex! That is overlooking the hottest group of BUYERS surfing on the Net!

If you go to ebay, you can buy adult videos. Why is it okay there? They make a profit. Hmmmm.... probably no relation. Then again, Yahoo has sex and adult items too... just happens that they make a profit as well. Hmmmm... probably coincidence. Then of course, you can go to America Online and they too have adult content. They make a profit too. Hmmmm. Look at 98% of the mainstream Net and they are politically correct. But are they profitable?

Many folks object to the words used on our site -- “ass” and “whore”. They refuse to advertise here. Those words can be said on television uttered by a 16 year old. They have no problem running on ad there! There are seven words that cannot be said on television. There are also seven words that are on the "defining line" of being acceptable. We went out and bought six of the seven dotcom versions of each --,,,,,

You don't have to agree. But you SHOULD consider our viewpoint, even if it is only for a moment. Let’s stop the hypocritical bashing that can only make one look silly when there is no consistency.