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Articles and Interviews with the Domain King

1999 Stories

Wired Article on Domains and their values July 9, 1999

NY Times Article following us as we buy at auction July 15, 1999

Wired Article on the value of July 21, 1999

Palm Beach Post article on "Talk to the Landlord" August 16, 1999

New York Times Sunday Magazine "Unreal Estate" August 22, 1999

Herald Leader article about and National Thoroughbred Racing Association August 26, 1999 (Offline)

Press Release about our lawsuit August 30, 1999

The London Register story on "Cyber bullies told to goofoff" September 2, 1999 (Sorry, This story is no longer online)

Palm Beach Post article on Lilly Industries and September 6, 1999

Wired article vs what's the difference? November 8, 1999

Porno.Com -- `It's Big, It's Really Big' San Francisco Chronicle November 26, 1999

2000 Stories

Goofoff.Com -- Wall Street Journal Cartoon of March 15, 2000

Goofoff.Com -- Business 2.0 NewsStand edition March, 2000

The King of Domains, Business Journal September 22, 2000

2001 Stories

Domain King sues, NSI and May 11, 2001

2003 Stories

CNN, Domain King sells for $1.3 million December, 2003
(In 50 publications around the world via AP and CNN headline news)

2004 Stories

Domain King or Royal Pain? Domain Name Journal February 2004

Successful Trade Show Heralds the Start of a New Era For the Domain Industry October 2004

2005 Stories

Internet For Sale....... May 2005

Bright Lights and Brilliant Domainers Await Traffic Attendees in Las Vegas......Domain Name Journal May 2005

"Improving on Perfection" Traffic Attendees in Florida......Domain Name Journal October 2005

2007 Stories

Webmasterworld Interview June 2007

Modern Domainer Interview July 2007

Cowboys Fumble October 2007 (I am now a 12% stakeholder in LLC)

5 with Elliot November 2007

2008 Stories

Predictions for 2008 by the Who's who

Silicon Valley Insider breaks sale to CNN

I sell to CNN for $750k

The sale 9 months later

Rivers of Gold Sydney Morning Hearald

What's in a Domain Name? Some Serious Cash Christian Science Monitor

NPR radio on Domains & a few sound bites from Rick

TRAFFIC Voted Best Domain Conference by whopping 60%!

Rick named "Most inflential domainer"

1. Rick Schwartz 27%
2. Frank Schilling 19%
3. Bob Parsons 17%
4. Ron Jackson 10%

1. TRAFFIC 60%
2. DOMAINfest 24%
3. Domain Roundtable 11%
4. GeoDomain Expo 5%

I sell to Could be biggest domain deal ever!! July 2008

I sell to New England Candy Company for $3M plus 2% Royalty

2009 Stories

After 14 years, there are just too many stories to keep up with. Google me. Google Domain King, Google Rick Schwartz Domains and you should be able to keep current.

Stay current with Ricks Blog

Rick greets Steve Forbes to TRAFFIC EAST 2007
(Photo by Ron Jackson

Articles and Interviews about T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Associated Cities Review of TRAFFIC NEW YORK 2007


Wrap up Article TRAFFIC EAST MIAMI 2007

Associated Cities Review of TRAFFIC EAST MIAMI 2007

Preview Article TRAFFIC EAST 2005

Wrap up Article TRAFFIC Las Vegas 2008

Wrap up Article TRAFFIC Orlando 2008

Wrap up Article TRAFFIC New York City 2008

Wrap up Article TRAFFIC Down Under 2009

Wrap up Article TRAFFIC Amsterdam 2009

Wrap up Article TRAFFIC Silicon Valley 2009

Preview Article TRAFFIC New York City 2009

Wrap up Article TRAFFIC New York City 2009

2010 Shows Amsterdam, Milan, Vancouver, Dublin, Miami, Hong Kong

2011 TBD


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Domain Name Bidding War
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The Corcoran Comparison
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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Presents: On Target Part 3
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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Presents: On Target Part 2
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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Presents: On Target Part 1
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There have been many other articles and interviews. Just Google me.

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