Business Monday, September  6

Boynton man, Lilly goof-off together

By Stephen Pounds, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Monday, September 6, 1999

A small businessman in Boynton Beach, Rick Schwartz, thinks Lilly Industries of Indianapolis is something of a corporate meany.

Schwartz holds the Internet domain name,, among about 3,000 others he has registered with the Web domain-name watchdog, Network Solutions Inc.

Schwartz says Lilly has complained to Network Solutions that Schwartz is violating its trademark of the name Goof Off, which it holds for a paint remover it produces. The Internet registrar told Schwartz he would have to file suit to resolve the ownership of the Web name, goofoff, or it would put the name on hold.

So, he filed suit last week in Palm Beach County Circuit Court against the industrial products company demanding damages from Lilly, order Lilly to stop interfering with his use of the term. He also has a Web link on his Internet site at to allow supporters to complain to Lilly's Web administrator via electronic mail.

"This is ridiculous. This is a word that's in the dictionary," Schwartz said.

A Lilly spokesman could not reached.

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